Taken from my about.me page:

Bred maroon (PWU and UP), but cheering for schools of other colors. Currently a graduate student of the green and white (DLSU) while juggling a full-time job at a government agency and a part-time on-call job at a startup.

Currently a server administrator by day and a creative writer/IT consultant/graduate school student by night and weekend.

Has a passion of integrating literature into cultural studies, with a specialization in Filipino-Americans and other expatriate Filipinos (those who emigrated abroad, no matter the decade, and their descendants).

Educational Background

PWU JASMS Manila, grade school (2003)
PWU JMD (now PWU JASMS High School Manila), high school (2007)
UP Manila, BS Computer Science (2013)
DLSU, MS Information Technology (ongoing thesis)

Filipino cultural makeup (not proven by DNA, sadly):

50% Ilocano
25% Kampampangan
19% Tagalog
6% Itawis


Past life highlights:

Former Girl Scout (1997-2007), Philwomenian (1995-2007), contributor to UNESCO through the Mondialogo School Contest (2004 and 2006).

Church Affiliations

Pacita UMC (San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines)
Central UMC (Manila, Philippines)

IT Skill Set

Oriented towards open-source technologies (primary technologies used: various Linux flavors for server administration, PHP and Python 3 for programming)