My Genealogy Projects and Ancestry

I started searching for my ancestors in 1999, when I was still in grade school, but I didn't take this hobby seriously until 2004, when I asked for a scanned obituary of my great-grandparents (my maternal grandmother's parents), who died in California. I did not commit to genealogy seriously until 2009, though.

I wonder why most Filipinos are reluctant to post their family history online, unlike people with European ancestry, in which they take pride in their roots in their respective countries, be it the U.K. or Ireland, Germany or Italy. Content and data related to family history in the Philippines is not that comprehensive, still sparse and far between.

My Current Surnames I Research

As with all genealogy databases, these are works in progress, and some information is based on oral records, so these may be inaccurate. Here is my ancestral story.

Paternal Surnames

Maternal Surnames

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Find A Grave

I have been an active member of Find A Grave since 2001, and I maintain virtually all records of my family members whose burial information I know of.

My virtual cemetery of family members on Find A Grave
My contributor page on Find A Grave