Code and Software Projects

Since I currently study IT management, I do not have much time for code at the moment. If I have time for such projects, though, I will update this page with those. Thank you for bearing with me. Kindly contact me for further inquiries.

For now, here are the software projects I am planning to do once my IT management studies are done:


Born out of a desire to bring an important aspect of retro computer genealogy into the 21st century

The forerunners of webTafel focused on simple surname lists such as the RootsWeb Surname List, which was inspired by the Tiny Tafel, which was invented in the late 1970s but was later tailor-fit for the dial-up era of the early 1980s to late 1990s. Since the advent of accessible DNA kits in the late 2000s, genealogy has entered a new dimension involving DNA and it has impacted the other methods to do genealogy (e.g., one-name studies or traditional genealogy) to an extent such that traditional surname-oriented research has almost been pushed aside and it is currently a complementary method to other genealogy methods such as DNA-based research.

I created webTafel to help bring the Tiny Tafel into the Social Web, Decentralized / Federated Network and the Big Data eras all happening at the same time. A webTafel file, when complete, is a JSON-based flat file that can be stored under a flat-file database storage with an option to render the said flat file into various output formats.

The stack used is TALL (Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, Laravel and Livewire.) Laravel version 10 is the minimum version used, and Filament PHP version 3 is used on top of Laravel in this project. SQLite version 3 is the database used for this project.

The project is under the MIT license.